Coach Michalch and sports club Lucky Punch: personal and group training in martial arts


To help the “Coach Mikhalch” brand enter the segment of well-known Kiev coaches and sports clubs in order to increase the amount of customers and raise the cost of services.


Creation of brand style and website development for a personal coach and sports club.

Development features

Having studied competitors, we came to the conclusion that most of them do not really invest in promoting their business online. Rest of them do it on their own. This can be seen in the quality of the websites: weak copywriting, lack of interaction design, poor styling etc. So we are dealing with the classic scenario “This should suffice”. So, our task is to make such a site that will be more convincing and effective than the web resources of competitors.

What do we need for this?

  1. Work out interaction scenarios from the first user’s touch point to performing the targeted action – to sign up for a training.
  2. Create a brand style in such a way that it will be recognizable and remembered among many competitors.
  3. Develop a website interface that will immediately give the user what he really needs here and now. Important: this site should look better than competitor websites.

One of the ways to attract new customers is to post links to the resource on thematic sports forums and portals. The target audience on such sites is the warmest and does not need additional warming up. Therefore, in order to create conditions for the influx of new applications, the customer’s website must be more efficient than competitors.

When creating the brand style, we used the “provocation” technique. There is no vowel in the “Coach Mikhalch” logo. Users pay attention to this detail. Further, in the next few seconds, the site interface gives them a profitable proposal, convinces them of success, provides information about the cost, and contains a convenient feedback form. Eventually the user remembers the brand’s name, gets a discount for the first training, performs the target action, remains satisfied and becomes loyal to the brand.

We combined the dynamic geometry of the elements with a warm contrasting color palette: yellow, red, black. The yellow background color of some screens sets the activity mood and the red color of the “call to action” elements enhances this effect. The black background color of some blocks creates the necessary contrast and rhythm in design. The “Helvetica” font is one of the most popular in the world. So it is familiar to users. We specifically used this font because we need to convey simple information to ordinary people in simple words against the backdrop of the already used provocation and bright colors.

The website is bilingual, SEO friendly, scalable and loads quickly.

Business value

The customer received a high-quality tool for promoting business online. In combination with the positive reputation of Oleg Mikhailovich and the relevance of his services in the market, the website constantly brings new long-term customers even without investing in advertising.

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