Olena Florinska: psychologist’s personal website


To transform the personality of psychologist Olena Florinska into a brand, expand knowledge in the market and further increase the cost of services.


Development of brand style and personal website. The resource contains selling content, necessary information about the specialist and blog functionality.

Development features

When creating and promoting a brand, it is important to consider four points: branding, positioning, significance and characteristics. Olena is a psychologist, which means that her clients have unfulfilled needs and are being in emotional stress. We need to reassure them, convince them of success, be remembered and help them to connect with a specialist. Let’s start with the design of user personas: who are these people, what is their age, what problems do they have, what are they afraid of, what are they expected to receive, what are their beliefs, what is their experience of contacting psychologists, and much more. Having the visualization of these people, we understand how the brand style should look and how to implement the content on website.

Having studied the topic, we segmented Olena’s clients into two groups: those who already have a neurotic disorder because of the constant dissatisfaction and those who do not have it yet. Accordingly the selling part of the site should take into account this nuance and contain only the necessary content:

  1. Clear title and image: what this site is about.
  2. How exactly a psychologist can help the user: segmented information about the value and significance for the client.
  3. Solace: “It’s okay…”
  4. Specialist feedback instruction: “You can handle it.”
  5. Cost of consultations.
  6. Communication format.
  7. Text linking the branding, positioning, and characteristics of the specialist.
  8. Sign up for a consultation.

The logo contains a slight unobtrusive provocation in the form of an incorrect syllable transfer: Flor-nska. Provocation is a technique in design and marketing that is used to attract attention and memorization of a brand. In this case, it worked very well. The light purple background color on the pages evokes feelings of relief and trust. The Cera Pro font is ideal for the psychology field, because it contains simple geometric shapes and is associated with simplicity, warmth and elegance.

The website is designed for a person who needs to solve his psycho-emotional problem as soon as possible. The text is calming, gives a hope and explains what the user needs to do. The “About me” and “Education” pages are very important in building confidence in a psychologist. The necessary data on the site pages are managed from the admin panel. A blog with articles is a great tool for additional targeting in social networks, as well as SEO promotion. The web resource is bilingual, SEO friendly, scalable and loads quickly.

Business value

We created a client influx and contributed to increase in the cost of psychologist services.

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