The Loopci: vegan and vegetarian dishes quick, healthy and delicious


To create a tool for the effective knowledge expansion in the market. The brand must stand out from the competition and be remembered by retail customers and potential partners.


Development of the brightest and trendiest promo site in the vegetarian food niche.

Development features

In order to effectively perform the task by website, it should be non-trivial. It meens that just a beautiful picture is unlikely to reach the goal. For this reason, we spent a lot of time investigating the possibility of implementing non-trivial functionality of the site.

The main design element of desktop resource version is a can of soy stew, which the user can twist in different directions by using his mouse. The goods ingredients fall in this can when user scrolls the page. The site contains four sales positions and basic information about The Loopci products. The user can get acquainted with the nutritional composition and several recipes for each dish when choosing corresponding position. We did not use 3D technologies to save device RAM on the mobile version. However, the site maintains its impact with vibrant colors, gradients and beautiful images.

The web resource is the most trendy in the web design vein in 2022: candy colors, gradients, funny typography and 3D elements.

We have conducted two photo sessions to visualize the dishes ingredients, because stock photos shouldn’t be present on a site of this level. We had an outdoor photo session at the production to present the dishes themselves. The brand’s chef took part in this process.

Business value

The customer received an effective tool to expand knowledge about a brand in the market. The promo site is the brightest and trendiest in the vegetarian food niche.

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