Vasyl Khodakivskyi – world of painting


To create an impressive site for a painter to make him stand out from other artists.


Development of a site with a 3D gallery using the most modern technologies.

Development features

We took an artist’s signature for the logo. The font pair: “Lucy Rose” and “Lato” helped us to emphasize the elegance. The text has a neat scrolling animation.

The main part of development was 9999 hours of work with a virtual gallery where users can freely move and interact with the paintings.

The gallery itself consists of three rooms and contains arts from different periods of the artist’s work.

We engaged a professional photographer for design and development of the “About Me” page. This page has modern animation of text, images and background.

Business value

Website emphasizes artist’s character and creativity and is perhaps the brightest web resource for a painter on the Internet.

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