Realab: restoration of branded bags and tailoring of leather goods in Ukraine


To test the market segment for the restoration of premium leather goods. Continue to work if promotion will be successful.


Development of a landing page, launching marketing campaigns, conducting A/B tests, web resource improvement and further promotion.

Development features

The customer contacted other web studios twice to develop similar landings previously. Both times did not give the desired result. Therefore, Realab contacted us with a request for an audit of their current web resource for that time. The landing page did not disclose value to users and was made, rather, as a “project” for the contracting studio itself. The interaction-sale funnels were not worked out, and therefore any advertising campaign was not able to fulfill its task.

What was the mistake of previous web studios?

This is a classic mistake, which is to develop a web resource for the sake of it, and not for the sake of solving the problem of the business and its client. Therefore, our task is to understand the client and solve his problem. Together with the customer, we have worked out user-personas – made up portraits of potential customers, taking into account their age, preferences, fears, desires, habits, and so on. The next step is to understand these characters. Due to the fact that we are dealing with premium goods from Versace, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and the like, we understand that the landing page style should look correspondingly expensive.

What does the landing user need?

  1. To see the text about his problem and to get the hope for a solution.
  2. To see examples of similar solutions.
  3. To feel the status of his expensive things.
  4. To get the opportunity to conveniently contact the repair masters.

What have we done:

  1. Created working content.
  2. Showed examples of restoration works.
  3. Worked out the landing style and beautiful animations on the page.
  4. Simplified feedback for the user.


After running several successful marketing campaigns in social networks, we had hypotheses for improving the landing page. Research and A/B tests were carried out, and the site content was refined and improved, which led to conversion increase.

Business value

We exceeded all customer’s expectations – investment in design, development, promotion and research paid off many times over and brought many clients.

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